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I’d like to share my successes with this team. My website has been improved in such a manner I couldn’t even recognize it without being warned! It has now a higher Page Rank, and multiple Top 10 positions into Google and Yahoo for my commercial keywords. Everything starts 6+ months ago and HelpALocalBusiness SEO services enabled me to present my offer to potential clients into my local area without having to do extra expensive offline advertising. And that’s just for starters! I will certainly expand and diversify my business beyond the local area, and guess who’ll be hired to assist me with the SEO and internet marketing plans?
– John E, carpenter

Thanks very much for your help and support! My local listings are great and super-relevant to my business and I feel much more confident these days. Needless to say, I’m extremely happy with your monthly local maps service – clients are knocking at my doors again and that’s really encouraging for me to expand my small business. I know I’m ready for the next step… but only hand-in-hand with HelpALocalBusiness power-team!
– Colleen S, nutritionist

I know it sounds dusty… but HelpALocalBusiness expertise in local marketing has literally saved my a…s and bring car owners consistently to my service! Personally I never thought that a well-designed and optimized site can make or brake an offline business. But I’m the living proof! Best of all, I DO NOTHING – that’s right! And that’s the key to my overcoming success – I let people from HelpALocalBusiness company to take care of all my online marketing and advertising tasks, while I focus on serving my car clients as good as I can. No matter who you are, what you do, or what size your company is, HelpALocalBusiness is *my secret weapon.*
– Percy A, car service owner

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I had absolutely no knowledge of internet marketing but after working with HelpALocalBusiness I can say it really opened my eyes. Their IM consulting service was exactly what I needed for a new manufacturing start-up and now I have a 27 point to-do-list to get things off the ground. But I’m more than satisfied… I let’em do all the online work for me! Then, we will have something amazing to turn over. In a small but significant way, working with their team has changed me. The bottom line is: HelpALocalBusiness services are worth every penny and much more!
– Barbara R, optician

At some point I thought there are all lies… I saw many offline business owner complaining about the record number of online scammers. The new wave of marketing strategies did not lift us out of the depression as we were told, so I was very skeptical about choosing an internet marketing consulting company. I was lucky to get a reference from one of my business partners, that’s how I discovered HelpALocalBusiness services. They were persistent in gaining my trust, I gave them one chance, and the rest is just history. This is an excellent local internet marketing service provider that I have already recommended to many…
– Steven H, flooring contractor