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We’ve been asking pretty often by website prospects about our local SEO results. Before they get involved with us, they need PROOF of our local search engine optimization expertise – we listen and took action!

Why now? To be honest, we have solid reasons to keep our results hidden to the public eyes. We name only two here:

1) As any other industry (and more than ever on SEO), spying is a daily practice. Learning from your competition is one of the best ways to get higher rankings. Your competition is right in front of you, and can’t hide everything of what they’re doing. Spying has become a part of the web’s culture and is quite common and dangerous in terms of local SEO.

2) Some of our clients ask us to keep them “under the radar” (for different reasons we cannot discuss) or demand to sign Non Disclosure Agreements as long as we work with them. HelpALocalBusiness.com is committed 100% to keep clients invisibility as long as they requested – that’s an extremely important part of our local internet marketing philosophy. We do NOT put money ahead of people!

So, in attempt to fulfill the requests from all the parties involved (prospects, clients, and us), we ultimately decide to show up local seo results ONLY for our current website! Mea Culpa if you disagree…

Comparing with other local search engine optimization sites, HelpALocalBusiness is relatively new. Inside of About Us webpage we explain why this happening. Even that way, in a short period of time and WITHOUT pushing the limit, we achieve some amazing results… We’ll continue to improve our site but the main focus is our CLIENTS and their properties!

IMPORTANT: it’s a sad fact but search engines are fast changing their results. We gather these examples at different periods of time. Keep in mind that visible search results on your screen are influenced by the way you perform a search, your browser settings, and many other variables. So at the moment you visit this page, we might achieve other local search engine results.

One last thing: ALL the searches from the next examples are without quotes, means that are broad searches (include all kind of combinations with any of the terms in the keyphrase – this is from where SEO magic and fun begun)!

google help a local business local seo results

Google #3 position for help a local business keyphrase from 1,220,000,000 competitors!
Yep, that’s 1,2 BILLION web pages – let us speechless when we accidentally discover it. Results are also confirmed by
AOL Search. Too bad this niche is soooooooo competitive; it’s NOT something that we are chasing. For the moment!

yahoo help a local business local seo results

This #1 position on Yahoo was even a bigger surprise! That’s because it’s our listing on Intuit.com, a vertical
directory. If you still have a doubt about how powerful these places are today, wait to see even more…

aol search help a local business local seo results

#4 position on AOL Search from 949,000,000 of competitors confirm
good rankings for our website under help a local business keyphrase.

google local maps services results

Achieve #1 spot for local maps services in Miami, under Google Maps.

bing local maps services results

Bing #5 position for local maps services from 321,000,000 competitors
for our local maps optimization services page.

yahoo local maps services results

We’re #5 on Yahoo for local maps services from 468,000,000
results – again for our local maps optimization services web page

excite local maps services results

An interesting #10 rank on Excite. Considering that Excite gather results from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask… we are
honored by this place and our competition! Once more results are for local maps services web page.

google local maps optimization services results

We seat on Google’s #1 position for local maps optimization services keyphrase
from 58,700,000 competitors for our local maps optimization services page.

lycos local maps services results

A pretty good #5 position on Lycos for local maps services from
497,000,000 competitors for our local maps services page.

directories miami local internet marketing services results

This is no brain… we DOMINATE Google results for miami local internet marketing services keyphrase with our
submission to vertical/local directories. And that’s EXACTLY what we’ll do for your local business website!

bing local internet marketing services results

On Bing we are #1 for local internet marketing services from 74,000,000 pages.

yahoo local internet marketing services results

Yahoo #1 position for local internet marketing services from 82,900,000 pages. Not bad…

gigablast local local internet marketing services results

#3 on Gigablast for local internet marketing services from more than 47,000,000 pages.

alltheweb local internet marketing services results

#2 on AllTheWeb for local internet marketing services from 80,200,000competitors.

yahoo miami local internet marketing services results

Get #1 on Yahoo Local. We also set on #2, #6 and #9 as local directories listings
for miami local internet marketing services from 88,900,000 other pages.
As a bonus (sic!) our brand name is also listed on position #10!

“HelpALocalBusiness team has been absolutely extraordinary in their results, customer support and permanent openness to our needs. I never imagined that they could get our website to the top on search engine results. They succeed to secure dozens of page one top ten keyword positions on major search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Because this, we have chosen to go forward with HelpALocalBusiness and let them do the entire job. They are now our internet marketing consulting company and continue to deliver significant increases in new business and market share. I couldn’t be more pleased to recommend their services!” – Nate S, corporate lawyer

local seo results helpalocalbusiness internet marketing services

However let me ask you a question: What You’ll Do Next?

The Truth Is: We Do NOT Build Just Websites or Achieve
Higher Rankings… That Will Be Way Toooooo Easy.

We’ll Ramp Up Fully CUSTOMIZABLE & PROFITABLE Online Businesses!

When we receive an inquiry from a potential client, there are two questions we’d ask first: “What do you want to achieve with your website?” and “Why do you need SEO?” If they fail to provide a solid explanation, we reject the client. Yes, we are VERY selective with our clients. And we have some reasons…

You see, we can get a website higher on search engine results. Such a site can be listed for dozens or hundreds of keyphrases… but IF this traffic is NOT converted well, it’s just a waste of time. We try to show up from the start that search engine optimization is just a part of the online marketing strategy. And if a local business owner want to succeed, SEO it’s NOT enough!

There are gazillions of things a site need to have in place. Oftentimes, a local business site it’s something that’s just “sitting” online like a billboard in the desert. Sometimes, such sites receive huge amounts of visitors… but No sales, NO fresh clients. In both cases, there’s just something wrong.

>> And we are here to HELP these small local business owners!

Simplicity is our #1 weapon in our war to keep customers coming and staying with your company. Any SEO expert can make huge and sometimes wild promises. At HelpALocalBusiness.com we begin with understanding, understanding begins with listening, and listening begins with tons of questions.

We’ve found that most businesses out there unintentionally, unknowingly and unfortunately substantially limit, restrict and impede the number of clients they can get online. We can show you the size of the profits you could be doing with those buyers… the number of times and amount of ways you could be reselling those buyers… and all the wonderful, higher performing selling approaches, marketing opportunities and revenue sources your business could be (and should be) making!

If you’d like to increase the amount of sales and profit-wise for (and from) your business, please let us gift you with a FREE website analysis of your website. It means a lot to us to do this for you. We think it could mean even more to your local company…

Click Here to Request a FREE Website Analysis!

More importantly you need NOT feel obligated to us, since we’re only offering a free analysis to you as our way of investing in your good will. Our real goal here is to stimulate strong interest with solid companies that want to explore a direct working relationship with us. If you’re profitable enough to be a potential client, please enjoy all the information we’ll be sending you. If you run a smaller business, I hope these materials help your enterprise grow and prosper!