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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex operation to increase the measure of organic traffic from search engines to your website. The whole process is achieved by building an “authority” site for targeted keywords or keyphrases so that the site will rank naturally for that words. It basically involves fine tuning the content along with the HTML, Title tags and also involves appropriate link building process.

SEO is a highly efficient way to place your local business website at the top of the search rankings. Internet searchers often read only the top 5 to 10 listings of their search results, so it is crucial to have your business ranked at the top of results. In fact, if your website doesn’t come up on the first or second page of search results, the odds are extremely good your potential customers will never see it!

Making it to the first page, more so to the top 3 is a barometer of a websites success in local search engine optimization. You will get a higher ratio of probability in being clicked on when you rank high. The more traffic for your site, the more business you rake in. But, it is essential to grab a hold of that spot or make your ranking even better.

Each day is a new day for ALL sites to make themselves rank higher using search engine optimization. So it is imperative to work harder and make your site even better on a daily basis!

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As you probably know, the most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing (ex MSN), AOL Search and Ask. Unfortunately for most online entrepreneurs, search engines keep their ranking algorithms secret, and perform unexpected updates pretty often. A search engine may use hundreds of factors while ranking the listings where the factors themselves and the weight each carries may change continually. Algorithms can differ so widely that a webpage that ranks #1 in a particular search engine could rank #50 in another search engine.

That’s why search engine optimization requires a lot of work – on a daily and monthly basis! There are so many aspects you have to change on a website or add as well to get higher rankings. These will include getting lots of information about the keyword phrases that are popular in regards to your local business niche market. You may also need to rewrite your site contents so that you could get the right keyword phrases in your site without making it too commercial but light and informative.

Let’s say that you just don’t have the time and patience to carry out the time-consuming process of setting up a full SEO campaign. Hiring HelpALocalBusiness.com to do this job allows you to focus on the growth of your business and leave the search engine optimization to SEO experts. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long-term marketing strategy that “asks” for consistency on a daily and monthly program.

Search Engine Optimization Benefits Local Search Engine Optimization Benefits for A Small Business

Search Engine Optimization Benefits for A Local Business There are many reasons to do SEO, but the most important objective is to increase traffic to your website… and major search engines can generate more FREE traffic than all the other sites on the Internet.

There are also other benefits that search engine optimization provide for your website:

SEO helps to increase the ranking of your website on search engines. When your website ranks high on search engines (first page of results or – even better! – on the first 3 positions), it means you get high volumes of traffic that is directed to your website. More traffic stands for more sales.

SEO helps you to save money on paid advertising. If your website is well optimized you can get a large volume of traffic coming to your website through organic links on the search engines. This means that you do not have to spend money on other advertising methods like Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

– Optimizing your website for search engines and using your keywords and phrases in this process ensures that you get targeted visitors on your website. SEO brings you a higher Return On your Investment than any comparable form of marketing. Besides, once in place, a properly designed and optimized site should stay long term in the rankings compared to PPC where costs are ongoing and unpredictable.

SEO helps you dominate your niche. If your website ranks high on all major search engines, and for all your keywords, you soon dominate the niche and become an expert in your niche or topic. This builds a good reputation for you. Further more, it works for you 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days every year… automatically!

SEO facilitates the foundation of your brand name. A brand helps possible customers remember your business. People may know little about your philosophy or reputation. However, if they can recognize your brand, the chances are greater that they will do business with you. Branding creates memory in the mind of the public. Brands create a feeling of familiarity – if customers have seen your logo, insignia, or company name, they are more likely to continue to select your product or service. Also, they are more apt to suggest them to others. People expect brand local businesses to be prominently placed in SERP’s, so what is the effect if you aren’t on the first page of results?

As the Internet takes people’s lives into more advanced stages, it has become more and more important to have your local business website noticed by search engines. If the content of your website is ignored by the search engines then they can’t index your site, and if your site isn’t indexed then no one will find your site by searching for it in Google, Yahoo!, Bing/MSN, and so on. If no one can find your site then your hard work and money spent creating the site is in vain.

Considering all the above facts, it is extremely important to start optimize your website for search engines TODAY!

HelpALocalBusiness.com solutions employ innovative Internet marketing techniques, groundbreaking optimization strategies and follow a best practices policy, tight sticking to the criteria and rules set off by the major search engines. Using our 8-Steps Search Engine Optimization Strategy, we identify for each local business the perfect mix of custom strategies to fulfill our clients’ goals: cost-effective services and Top 10 quality results!

Search Engine Optimization Strategy Our 8-Steps Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Search Engine Optimization Strategy Local Business We have a crystal clear idea about what a company have to do and realize that every local business is unique – that’s why your search engine optimization needs will vary based on your goals, budget and aims.

Now let’s face it: there’s no “magical formula for success” – search engine optimization is a VERY dynamic medium. Thus, we’ll start first to look at your business, your site, your competition… and than determine the best strategy to assure your success through SEO.

And we’ll do it step-by-step following our proven, reliable, “in-house”
8-Steps Search Engine Optimization Strategy

SEO services for local business - Client Requirements Step #1 – Client Requirements

Before we start our process, it is essential to understand your requirements and what you want to accomplish. We have to empathize:

– The Reasons Why You Need SEO Services
– Your Company and Customer’s Profile
– What Are Your Expectations
– Set Goals and Targets

This step will help us to identify the purpose behind doing SEO for your company. Do you want to achieve high search engine rankings in order to increase sales, get newsletter subscribers or improve popularity (create a brand)? Once we know your expectations, together we can set realistic goals accordingly.

SEO services for local business - Website and Competitive Analysis Step #2 – Website and Competitive Analysis

We will perform a stand-alone analysis on your entire website using keyword groups based on your input and keyword analysis of your competitors sites. The main fields of measurement include:

– Current Site Positioning
– Search Engine Rankings For Key Search Terms You Supply
– Number Of Inbound/Outbound Links
– Check Site Structure, Navigation and Links
– Identify Any Internal or External Broken Links
– Number Of Visitors and Pages Viewed By Visitors
– Source Of Visitors (search engines, links from other website, and more)
– Determine Which Pages Are Indexed and When The Last Time Search Engines Crawled Your Site
– Length Of Time Spent On Your Site By Visitors
– Examine Possible Hosting or Server Issues
– Response To Paid Ads (if you previously advertise on newspapers, direct mail, PPC’s, etcetera)

At the beginning, we’ll add a few lines of tracking code to every web page that enables us to gather the information we need about who comes to your website, how they got there, how long they stayed, what they looked at. This will enable us to produce an important report about your present website performance.

After that, we review your industry, identify and learn about your major competitors and match your goals with your resources. We analyze your local market and develop a strategy designed to help you create a competitive advantage and achieve a positive ROI.

SEO services for local business - Keyword and Keyphrase Research Step #3 – Keyword and Keyphrase Research

Based on our research results and your input, HelpALocalBusiness recommend the keywords and keyword phrases that are most commonly used in customer searches for your products and services. We specifically target “long tail” and “local city area” phrases since these specific terms will get you the most important results.

– Initial Keywords List (supply by you)
– Keyword/Keyphrase List Expansion
– Final List Of Targeted Keywords

Keyword research is one of the most essential steps of any SEO campaign. The client gives us an initial list of keywords and we expand it to find related keywords which can help drive traffic through the search engines. The final keywords list is approved by the client. After that, we build a strategy on how to rank your site for these words that bring qualified traffic – not just a blitz of numbers.

SEO services for local business, On-Page Optimization Step #4 – On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is an essential part of search engine optimization. It involves optimizing your web pages for certain keywords and get them ranked high in search engines for specific keywords. But every search engine has a unique way of looking at a site and different algorithms to rank sites. Our on-page SEO process focuses on:

– HTML Code optimization
– Improving Site Architecture
– Navigational Menu Optimization
– New Navigation Plan (if needed)
– Improve Code Structure
– Page Size and Speed Analysis
– SEO Sculpting Analysis (includes interlinking and nofollow)
– Optimize JavaScript
– Optimize CSS (Style Sheet)
– HTML Sitemap Optimization
– XML Sitemap and Submission
– Add/Optimize Site Footer
– Add Descriptive Title Tags to Links
– Add Canonical Link Tags
– Discover and Fix Google WMT errors (404, 403, 301)
– Robots.txt File Optimization
– On-page updates like Title Tags, Meta Tags, Internal Links, Headings, Images and ALT Tags

The on-page optimization process involves a number of steps which are carried out on the website pages to make them search engine friendly. We propose and implement a new navigation structure for your website if there are problems with the existing navigation plan, which can cause severe problems with the search rankings.

Sitemap is incorporated to the website, Headers (H 1-6), Title Tags, Meta Keywords and Meta Description Tags are added to the website pages. Internal linking of the website is improved , ALT Tags are added to the web pages, keyword usage and proper placement on each page – and much more. Our on-page optimization is carried out to make your site ranking higher and easy to navigate by the search engine spiders.

SEO services for local business - Content Writing Step #5 – Content Writing

Presenting people useful, relevant, interesting and well-written content is the only long-term strategy that will give you top rankings. You might accomplish ALL the other SEO steps… but then what? You have to have something to keep your site on top of the results and make people to come back to your site, or to make them want to do business with you. This is where content writing play a MAJOR roll – and there has to be value on everything you’ll publish.

Whatever your local business and site is about, the content needs to be unique and/or specific enough to appeal to the people. Even better, it needs to be useful to the people you want to find your site. And you also need fresh content. By adding new content regularly, you give people a reason to come back to your site. Good content also needs to be factually and grammatically correct.

But crafting a copy for SEO purposes and your audience is akin. You’ll need to write your content for human audience and you’re writing also for search engine spiders/robots. A search engine spider/robot is just another audience to write for. Addressing these two audiences at once is the art of SEO – and this is where most people fail miserably.

Our basic SEO process includes:

– Keyword Incorporation In Content
Re-Working Site Copy To Meet The Optimal Length Of Content For Search Engines
– Analyzing and Adjusting The Position and Frequency Of Keyword Phrases Within Text

As an addition, we can offer FULL content written services. We use professional copywriters to create content that is not only well optimized and grammatically correct, but also is appealing to your readers and potential customers. After the final list of keywords is discussed, we can start writing content for the different sections of your website. Keywords are incorporated to the text content of the website.

Our writers will consult with you to ensure that the essence of your website and offer is not compromised and that you are happy with the content we create. We can write 300 to 600-word articles which are keyword rich and related to your products or services. This add-on service includes:

– Optimized Landing Page Creation
– Press Release Optimization and Distribution
– Professional Blog Content-Creation Optimized For Off-Page Ranking Factor, With Syndication
– Unique Article Writing and Submission To Authority Articles Directories

With content writing, there are NO shortcuts. If you want to succeed, you will also need patience – search engine results do not come overnight!

SEO services for local business - Link Building Step#6 – Link Building

Links to your website (aka link popularity) continues to be one of the most important factors search engines uses to determine where you will rank in the search results. And link building is the process of finding relevant, quality websites and receiving a link from them to you. Our job is to develop quality, relevant inbound links to your website through a variety of sources.

We customize each link building campaign to your individual needs based on our analysis of your website. The link building strategy is built with the many facets of your website in mind. Our plans include:

– Anchor Text Optimization
– Finding Quality Link Partners
– Contacting Link Partners On Your Behalf
– .GOV, .EDU, .ORG Link Campaign
– Monthly Maintaining Plan (link tracking and monitoring)

Our link building process is designed to improve your search engine positions by increasing the number of backlinks to your site. Finding quality link partners for a website can be a tedious and time consuming task. We hand pick quality sites and contact them to finalize the link deal using appropriate anchor texts in the incoming links.

SEO services for local business - Search Engine Submissions Step #7 – Search Engine Submissions

Submissions to search engines and industry directories is a process often referred as search engine submissions. Many SEO agencies advertise their service which helps submit your site to over 1,000 engines for a few dollars, but few tell you that it is the top 10 engines that command over 85% of the internet’s search engine traffic.

Our search engine optimization campaign involves systematic submissions, done manually, to the top search engines, local search engines and industry directories. We also use XML sitemaps that are now supported by major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Submitting your website to these search engines and directories is a good way to obtain one-way links, and our process includes:

– Anchor Text Creation
– Submission To Industry Directories
– Submission To Major and Local Search Engines

The submission process allows the website to be submitted to some of the most prominent search engines and directories on the Internet. Submission to these industry directories and search engines allows quick indexing of the website and it’s pages.

SEO services for local business - Monthly Monitoring and Reporting Step #8 – Monthly Monitoring and Reporting

Due to the continual changes that are occurring in SERP’s, expect position changes in rankings – sometimes you can be up or down on the first page. Monitoring these fluctuations each month will give us important information about how to make your website better and increase your position in search results.

Don’t be fooled by other claims: effective SEO promotion is NOT a one-time proposition!

Our SEO services focus ONLY on long-term results ensuring that your local business succeeds today, tomorrow and into the future. Reporting allows us to show our progress to you on a regular basis. You’ll receive EACH month:

– Keyword Ranking Reports
– Website Traffic Reports
– Link Popularity Reports
– Targets and Goals Achievement

Even with the right SEO strategy it may take extra work to get your website listed on top of the search engines for highly profitable keywords. Additionally, with the rules of the game changing regularly there is no guarantee that once your site gets listed on the front page, it will stay there. In fact, without constant monthly monitoring and work many websites drop off their search engine rankings!

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Our 8-Steps Search Engine Optimization Strategy ensures results for you within the time frames we provide at the start of any project. We develop strategies to outrank your competitors and deliver top 10 results. All methods employed by our search engine optimization experts are SEO friendly and industry standards. We creates unique strategies for each local business to capitalize on search engine rankings and direct local customers to your website!

Search Engine Optimization Services Why Choose HelpALocalBusiness.com SEO Services?

HelpALocalBusiness has been marketing for over a decade and we have provided search engine optimization and strategic services to many websites and local brands on the Internet. At a time when every webmaster, programmer or “agency” claims to be a SEO expert, it is important to work with our experienced people whose main job is getting high search engine rankings for our clients. We can offer you:

– Customized solutions to fit your local SEO business needs
– Integrated strategies (search, track, analyze)
– Full review of your website and competition marketplace
– Monthly search engine report monitoring your site progress
– A dedicated and experienced team of SEO experts

We fulfill the needs of every local business, whatever they want to have a big or small place on their market niche – and we’re proud to play a major roll on their marketing strategy as needed. Our SEO and other marketing services are very affordable and competitive in the industry, but keep in mind that we are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive service out there. We can assure that you will not be spending hard earned money on a waste of time!

Search Engine Optimization Services Proposal Request a Free Analysis & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Proposal

HelpALocalBusiness.com recognize that each business is unique – your search engine optimization needs will vary based on your goals, budget and long-term strategic objectives. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with SEO strategy, please take a moment to fill out the following quote request form – this simple form will help us learn more about you.

Based on your information, we’ll run a FREE analysis and FREE ranking report (valued at $249) for3 keywords on 3 major search engines of your company’s website. This will allow us to determine what the search engines see and what needs to be done to improve the SEO success and assure top positions for your website. Within 24-48 hours of your request, we’ll contact you by email to discuss your options and make you an offer if you want to use our SEO services.

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My website has been improved in such a manner I couldn’t even recognize it without being warned! It has now a higher Page Rank, and multiple Top 10 positions into Google and Yahoo for my commercial keywords. Everything starts 6+ months ago and HelpALocalBusiness SEO services enabled me to present my offer to potential clients into my local area without having to do extra expensive offline advertising. And that’s just for starters!     – John E, carpenter

Our company stick on the cutting edge of search engine optimization technology. HelpALocalBusiness.com experts are able to stay on top of the trends and make sure that your site ranks where it belongs – our SEO services will deliver rankings that result in high returns!