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"Over 75% of Americans use the Internet to find local products. How Do Your Customers Find You?"

Now that you have a website, a product or service to sell… are you getting customers when they are ready to buy? Are these customers finding your website before or after they see your competitor’s offer? You really need highly targeted customers, and you need to apply cutting-edge local internet marketing strategies to stay ahead of your competition. However, you just don’t have either the time, patience or the right knowledge for the precise, time-consuming process of setting up a powerful local maps optimization campaign.

That’s why many local businesses miss out on the power of the Internet to enroll new customers and make more profits. This is the main reason we decided to take care of ALL the details by providing the expertise needed to make your local maps optimization campaign a smashing success.

Map search, also called local search, is a growing online market. As always, Google is the leader of this movement and, by including Map results within the regular search results, for local search queries, exposure in Google Maps became more important than ever. Yahoo! Local and Bing Maps are close to Google and provide great results, too.

Thus, more than ever, local maps optimization has become an important part of the SEO strategy and, wherever possible, HelpALocalBusiness aim to achieve high rankings in both Maps and organic results on the same search page. Needless to say, this strategy will boosts your business brand power and credibility in the eyes of your potential local clients – and that translates into more sales and profits.

You might not know about it, but Google uses different algorithms for ranking sites in the Maps results and in the regular organic search results. HelpALocalBusiness.com knows what it takes to get noticed in Google Maps listings and we can help your business get more traffic from the major local and map search engines.

What Are Local Search Engine Results And Why Do You Need To Use A Specialized Local Maps Optimization Service?

local maps optimization servicesWhen people use a search engine like Google, Yahoo! or Bing and type in a query “dentist san francisco ca” they are performing a local search – obviously, their intention is to find a dentist in San Francisco.

In most of the cases, performing a search like this will bring three kinds of results: you will be shown top paid results (advertisements – AdWords), local maps and free organic results.

As a business owner you need to make all the efforts to work toward having your website on top of the search results listing for your relevant products and/or services in your local area, in both organic and local results, so that customers will find you offer FIRST!

If you’ve just heard about local maps search, you’ve probably ask yourself one of these questions:

– How do I get my business to appear in local maps results?

– Why do some businesses show up in the organic listings for local searches while others don’t?

– How do I get my customers to leave me reviews and give me stars?

– How do I add photos or videos to my local business listing?

– How do I make changes to my local business listing?

– How do I take control of my local business listing?

– How do I change the category I’m listed in?

– How does search engines rank local businesses?

– How do I get a top local rankings for my business?

Your position on top of the local searches will bring customers literally to your doorstep; this way you don’t annoy them with unwanted advertising – instead, you’ll help them fulfill their current need. This is a win-win situation and has been proven to be one of the most cost-effective and satisfying way to advertise.

Therefore, by using a specialized local maps optimization service like ours, you can focus more on serving your clients and less on attracting them.

Local Maps Optimization
– Interactive Connections

Local Maps Optimization Interactive Connections

Once we’ll submit your business profile, your own company will be visible on…

Google Maps

Google Maps Optimization chart

Yahoo! Local

Yahoo Local Optimization chart

Bing Maps

Bing Maps Optimization chart

…PLUS dozens of Local Search Engines and related Industry Specific Directories!

Local Search Engines Industry Specific Directories

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About Our Local Search Engine Optimization Services!

Let HelpALocalBusiness take care of your local maps optimization needs today!

Once you’ll start working with HelpALocalBusiness, we’ll make sure your business can be found on the Internet and displayed on major search engines when a local customer searches for keywords that are related to your product or service.

We at HelpALocalBusiness.com have an extensive knowledge of how the Maps algorithm works and the essential factors used to determine rankings of a local business listing. Moreover, we know a few “white-hat tricks” that can help give you a competitive advantage. We can ensure that your business climbs in the Maps rankings and can guide you on how to consolidate your rankings over time.

The best part is that our local maps optimization services helps you be found in the Maps section of the all three major search engines: Google, Yahoo! and Bing (MSN).

Finally yet importantly, the Map feature is also available now through mobile search results. When people perform a local search for products or services using their cell phone or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) your business listing and map will show up in their mobile search results on top of the list!

HelpALocalBusiness is here to assist you in taking control of your local map listing so start using our services right now…

Standard Local Maps Optimization Listing Standard Local Maps Optimization Listing

HelpALocalBusiness.com standard local maps listing strategy includes:

  • Listings of your business on Google MyBusiness, Yahoo! Local, and Bing Places for Business.
  • Additional listing on 14 local search engines and directories.
  • Optimization of your listings to ensure top placement!
  • Creation of custom listing categories.
  • Performance report on your submission.
  • FREE Analyze of your website for one main keyword on a major search engine… PLUS a Top 10 Market
    Competition report
    on your niche (a $149 value!)
  • 60-Days, 100% money back guarantee. No long term contract, ONLY a one-time payment!

Order Now Your Standard Local Maps Optimization Listing
Regular Price $99 – Only $49!

NOTE: the buyer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the business information provided to us for inclusion!

PayPal Trusted Seller   60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Monthly Local Maps Optimization Services Monthly Local Maps Optimization Services

HelpALocalBusiness.com monthly local maps optimization services includes:

  • Optimized listing of your business on Google MyBusiness, Yahoo! Local, and Bing Places for Business with the following information:

    – Your Business Name, Street Address, etcetera
    – Website URL
    – Primary Phone and Fax Number
    – Alternate Phone
    – Email Address
    – Business Description
    – Uploading of business photos (must be supplied by client!)
    – Method of Payment Accepted
    – Hours of Operation

  • Add a geography section (or geo block) to your web pages that include all of the states, cities, counties and boroughs that you serve. Make sure to also include any additional ways in which people also search for these same areas by name such as MIA (Miami, FL) or SFO (San Francisco, CA).
  • Create multiple listings for additional cities and locations where you do business – if you provide services in multiple states and/or cities, it doesn’t hurt to setup mailing addresses (near each city center of course) so your services will be displayed in the maps results for each location.
  • We properly format your listings to be compatible for cell phone and GPS searches.
  • Our optimization efforts will make your business visible on mobile voice listing.
  • NEW: Update/Add Discounts, Promotions, Offers, Coupons to your listing (these local listing coupons can be used by printing them out or presenting them on a mobile device when a local consumer visits your store)
  • Manually listing on 10 new local search engines and directories each month!
  • Every month you’ll use our service, HelpALocalBusiness will build citations for you on other websites and directories. As you probably knew, citations will help your business rank higher in local search maps results and you’ll be able to attract more customers, automatically.
  • Monthly performance report emailed to you – shows your progress on your way to the top in all 3 major search engines.
  • FREE Analyze of your website for 3 keywords on 3 major search engines… PLUS a Top 10 Market Competition report on your niche (a $249 value!)
  • Access to us – yes, email us anytime! Our customers service is here to help you with every issue.
  • 60-Days, 100% money back guarantee – no questions asked. Payments are made on a monthly basis!

Therefore, do not hesitate!… Join our list of 81 satisfied clients that are now enjoying high local map search rankings using HelpALocalBusiness fast and accurate optimization services!

Local Map Optimization Services - Our Best Price

Order Now Your Monthly Local Maps Optimization Services
Regular Price $199/mo – Today $149 Set Up Fee + $99/month

Limited Offer: there are only 2 spots available to start for the next session at this price!

PayPal Trusted Seller 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee Business Cards for Monthly Local Maps Optimization Services

My local listings are great and super-relevant to my business and I feel much more confident these days. I’m extremely happy with your monthly local maps service – clients are knocking at my doors again and that’s really encouraging for me to expand my small business.
– Colleen S, nutritionalist

P.S. If you’re used to paying hundreds or thousands of dollars a month for traditional newspaper advertising, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. A full page color Yellow Pages ad requires a monthly investment of about $7,500 – at the end of the year, this adds up to an investment of $90,000! And the results might be lame…

Times have changed! Your investment for our local maps optimization services are going to look like peanuts to you if you have been using traditional advertising methods. Moreover, it will bring NEW customers to your door in 3 easy steps – automatically!